If Today is Sunday

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If Today is Sunday

If today is Sunday
it means that I will sleep
maybe until 7 a.m.
such a wild one as I am

If today is Sunday
my breakfast would be the same
but coffee would be longer drank
making the morning bliss last

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If today is Sunday
my mind would go to things not work
but to the world as if in peace
and wondering what part I play

If today is Sunday
my time with family would be more relaxed
no duties to call my name
just chilling into the mood

If today is Sunday
a nap may call my name
a book may keep me company until I doze
and then it’s time for supper

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If today is Sunday
leftovers will grace the table
life will lend spontaneity
and chilling would be the mood

If today is Sunday
my bedtime will be the same
as any weekday night
and I would rest in knowing this day was a delight

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Today’s poem was in response to the prompt to: Write a Sunday Poem