Ode to My Best Friend

orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com


Ode to My Best Friend

They say it’s in the DNA
but when I see you come my way
while I know I purr and you go ruff
we’ve got this thing of the right stuff

Go figure that we are a match
and if you itch I help you scratch
so if we’re off so be it pal
I’ll be with you even when you yowl

Cats and dogs are not a pair
but I will sniff you out anywhere
so let the scientists have their way
but we have our own kind of DNA

A little fact which you may find
kittens have more of the human kind
it doesn’t matter truly true
my DNA isn’t better than you

Interesting DNA Facts about Animals and People

Written from my prompt about DNA Day