The Short Of It – Volume 2 – Cover Reveal

I am so excited that I get to talk to Susi Bocks today about this publication!

I Write Her

The latest volume of expressive micro-poetry is in process! Look for the publication date to be early April or sooner. I’m excited to showcase all the wonderful contributors from the past year in this volume. 47 in total! They gave us a lot to ponder and many things to understand with their creativity and expressive works.

Accidentally Poetic, Aishwarya Saby, Akhila Siva, Amee Redden, Amrita Valan, Anita Neal,
Bartholomew Barker, Bradley Ramsey, C. Adebayo, Candice Louise Daquin,
Carolyn Crossley, Carrie Levine, Chanah Wizenberg, Charles Randolph, Cheryl Wood,
Duane Herrmann, Eugenia Hoffman, Franca Basta, Freya Pickard, Goutam Dutta,
Heather Carr-Rowe, Ivor Steven, Jane Seaman, JeanMarie Olivieri, Joan McNerney,
Joe Wells, John Collins, John Grey, Joni Caggiano, Katey Sutherland, Ken Gierke,
Kritika Maheshwari, Laurinda Linda, Layla Todd, Lisa Tomey, Lorraine Lewis,
Marisela Brazfield, Marjorie Maddox, Radhika Puttige, Reena Saxena, Scott Richmond,
Skye Genteen, Stephen W. Buchanan, Sylvia Simmons, Tahlia Friedmann, Timo Schmitz…

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