Ten Things of Thankful-March 10, 2023

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Happy March 10th and TTOT time! Let’s hop to it!

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  1. Spring certainly is making a light yellow snowy presence and it’s not the yellow snow we are warned not to eat…This “snow” is more of a nose duster. It’s all out fault for washing the car last week. It took that as an invitiation to appear. So, I am thankful for remedies for the pollen dusting.
  2. Flowers are everywhere in the stores. Yes, I gave in and bought a bouquet of tulips. These are pretty white and red hybrids, still buds. I have them right where I can see them from my desk. They make me smile.
  3. Deals. Although inflation appears to be alive and well, I have always been a bargain hunter and have still been able to find reasonably priced items. Whew!
  4. We get to move our clocks forward. I look forward to this because it stays light longer. This always raises my spirits.
  5. I am surviving giving up -GASP-coffee. I had to for health reasons and it has made all the difference. I have switched to teas and love to find a variety to make it fun. I miss the taste of coffee, but it is the acid that bothers me, not the caffeine. I found a lovely vanilla chai and enjoy my pretty red teapot more, a gift from a dear friend.
  6. Daughter has been working on her puzzle and making progress. As well, she is doing paiinting with her acrylics. I am so grateful that she took the acrylics class at the art center. They were great to help her with color theory and good challenges. I am happy she is keeping it up. She not only paints pictures for her program, she also creates birthday cards for each of the people there. It’s fun to help her find designs and to hear that people liked their cards.
  7. Daughter is doing well at her volunteer job. They accomodate her need to sit while working and I appreciate that there are no issues.
  8. Tax season mid level is March 15 for the deadline, part 1. This means one more month past that to the end of the first season after April 17 (I think).
  9. Did I mention I changed my office space? I like it so much better. I have a view of my home and feel less isolated, but still have my claimed designated space.
  10. You! What’s your thankful this week? Please share in the comments or create a post. The more the merrier. Our little group has gone down and we would love newcomers and returners.
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7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-March 10, 2023”

  1. While not so much a ‘flower guy’ I will say, if I had to pick one, I’d go with tulips.

    No reservations on Grat 4! Daylight is the difference between surviving and thriving.

    #9 I’m like you in terms of taking a value from having a specific, designated, dedicated space for writing. While I can write most ever where, its better in my writing room (aka computer-on-banquet-table-desk-overlooking-the-backyard)

    have a good week

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  2. This is my second attempt to get a comment to go through, so hopefully this works. 🙂

    Changing up a space every now and then is good for the soul! Enjoy your new office!

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