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Board Meeting of the Council of Cats

Photo by Dietmar Ludmann on Unsplash

Board Meeting of the Council of Cats

Mister Blaccatto led the board meeting of the Catpuccino Cat Club

Fluffy Fern who always sat close to Mister B called the club together

After minutes were read, Ms. Goldie suggested that the snacks should soon arrive and strutted in a restless fuss

Mr. Knee Sox kept to the edge of the board to allow for the first leap to treats

After the house stirred with two footed stomps the board commenced to a unified yowl

Meeting adjourned as they all ran to their bowls

Photo by Abeer Zaki on Unsplash

This is my attempt of the Six Sentence Story prompt of “Board” You can join in the fun by going to Girlie on the Edge and entering and/or reading.

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