Ten Things of Thankful – April 16 2022

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It’s TTOT time, so let’s hop to it.

  1. Spring has brought out the goslings, not Ryan, but the little baby geese who are so cute!
  2. Nest building has slowed, so I am guessing we will be seeing little baby birds before long.
  3. Newness, freshness, rainy days or nights leading to a certain harvest.
  4. Tax season ends the current phase on Monday. Other phases to come. But we will gladly accept a break.
  5. Opportunities to influence youth. I was asked and accepted advisor status for the youth of another country.
  6. Poetry 101 has ended the first round and we have graduates. It brings so much joy to work with poets. I learn as I teach. It is a win:win
  7. Despite #4, we will still have a nice dinner tomorrow.
  8. Groceries for #7
  9. Ability to cook.
  10. YOU What’s up with your feathery friends?
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5 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 16 2022”

  1. When I stopped at the farm store the other day, I just had to peak at all the little baby chicks. ❤️
    So true about how much a teacher learns from teaching. That is great that you have opportunities to influence the youth.


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