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Pop Bottles

shapely, ridged, swirled, green glass bottles

waiting for redemption, to fill our pockets

we searched the ditches, dumpsters, curbs

someone even searched the bottle stand

military bases brought their wealth

to entrepreneurs of the kid kind


That’s my Six Sentence Story using the prompy word “redemption.” Go ahead and give it a try by going to this link

When a child, collecting and redeeming pop bottles was the way we made quick cash. It was a regular job to us, one we took seriously. My next oldest brother and I were most likely to pair up and search for these gems. He even hoisted me into the garbage dumpsters to hand him the bottles. Mom was not pleased, when she found out. Eventually, my brother grew into other work, but I continued this venture until I was about 12, when we moved and opportunities changed.


Well, lookie there! I did a poem and a story. It’s enough redemption for this day.

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