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Worn Out Shoes

Lessons from a frugal life

He received his first pair of sneakers when he was just a little boy, toddling around to learn to walk about life

No matter how much wear and tear there would be on his shoes, he wore them until his feet no longer fit

Each school year, he managed to get a new pair to start the year, knowing he might not make it to the end without pinching toes, but he hushed about it until summer ended

Barefooted playing was the normal way in the summer fields of play, making those shoes last longer, just a once in awhile bee sting was the price he paid

As a man, he still kept the habit of buying shoes only when the old ones were worn out, but his boss was none too pleased

On his desk was a box, wrapped and bowed, no name, no message, but new shoes, the leather kind, shiny and brown and he knew he’d be better off to wear out those shoes


This is my effort at putting together a Six Sentence Story/Poem. You can check out what the other’s have to share by going HERE

12 thoughts on “Worn Out Shoes”

    1. I like this one a lot, Lisa.
      Growing up in the 50s in rural western PA, this was the world we all lived in.
      New shoes for school and church. Another pair for playtime and they were never worn to school or church. The only reason for getting a new pair of shoes, as I recall, was when a hole appeared in the bottom of the shoe. I remember my friend using a razor blade and cutting a hole in her shoe, for this reason.

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