six sentence story

Missed Connection

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Missed Connection

Her penny red hair stood out almost as vivid as her bright green eyes.

She was in line for the telephone booth when a young man bumped into her.

“So sorry, miss, my feet are both pointed left.”

Chuckling, she nodded and proceeded to wait.

“Mind if I ask you why such a fine specimen is waiting in a line?”

Grimacing, she looked him straight in the eye, “I am hardly a specimen as in an experiment or lab, but a woman seeking a job, just like many other of us, and, by the way, I need to make my connection, now.”


And that’s my Six Sentence Story for this week. You can participate by going to: Girlie on the Edge

12 thoughts on “Missed Connection”

  1. She’s a sharp one. Hope he’s not competing for the same job, because he’s probably pounding his head against the wall for not coming up with a better introduction. Lol!


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