Ten Things of Thankful – Hey it’s MAY!!!

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Hey April! May is here ALREADY! Phew…April just flew by! It’s Already May 7th and time for TTOT!

  1. We get to see mama this weekend. It’s been tooooooo long.
  2. Silver Linings – The proof arrived and boy, oh boy am I glad I got a proof copy. I have some serious pudding to stir from this proof. “Did I do that…?” Yes, I did. If you are ever planning to publish, always get a proof copy before you send your child into the world. I am grateful it arrived sooner than I was informed and I have it all marked up to make changes today.
  3. I am going to be grateful it is raining as April was kinda light on the juice. And I am grateful my family in Alabama escaped unscatched, maybe a tree and neighbor’s fence got toppled, but people did not.
  4. that’s 2 up there
  5. people who support life’s adventures
  6. immunizations DONE
  7. Nurses – that’s this week on the 12th, but I believe the whole month is most accurate for these fine folks who put it all out there to help us.
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8. Help with pain. The treatments I had over a year ago have passed their limit and I started a new round and I am grateful that the first treatment has provided such relief.

9. Fun! I wrote this story and thought I would share. It’s fun to try a little humor out.

Ladies of the Garden

10. YOU! What are your thankfuls for the week? You can go to the link and let us know or put it in the comments. Blue wants to know!!

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5 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Hey it’s MAY!!!”

  1. yeah… same up here in southern New England… I’m beginning to believe that we’ve seen the last of winter for the year.
    but, as the old saying goes: “One never knows, do one?”
    Have an outstanding week.

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    1. We were walking to the clubhouse today and with the coolness I wonder if the Memorial day weekend will be too cool for the pool. Didn’t get in at all last summer because of COVID.


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