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Ten Things of Thankful – April 2 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! Let’s get hopping!

  1. National Poetry Month! Of course, this gets top billing on my thankfuls! This is one of my favorite months. Every day I write a poem to a prompt and I also write a private poem. The short poems I share and the private poem is saved for possible publishing. I am grateful for this month of focus. It amazes me how much good comes from it all.
  2. Daughter has been helping me with creating special cards for a secret project. She is such a huge help with these things.
  3. Vaccine shot #2 happened on Tuesday. I am grateful for vaccines and grateful for each day closer to getting past the effects of the shot (hey I have to frame it as a pozzie, right).
  4. Grateful for great news I can’t share. Just trust it is super thankfully awesome!
  5. Grateful that the anthology is up and running and the participants are going to read their contributions on April 10.
  6. Thankful for Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the representation of love and light. It is a reminder of how we are all lights for love in this world.
  7. Thankful that my friend tested negative for COVID.
  8. Thankful for so many wonderful books to read and enjoy.
  9. Thankful for coffee and probably those close to me are also thankful I have coffee.
  10. YOU! What do you feel gratitudes for? You can share here or post a post. And you can even share it by clicking on the blue box. Peeker the chickie wants to know!
Photo by Achim Bongard on Pexels.com

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7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 2 2021”

  1. Between your writing endeavors and your artistic efforts with your daughter, and wonderful books to read, you not only receive light, but you share it. I am impressed that you are able to write a poem every day!


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