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The First Haircut

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The First Haircut

Clip, clip, clip the scissors snipped as long curls fell to the floor, and the strands of blonde bounced into short, puffy curls, dancing on the little boy’s scalp; Giggling as he watched the lengths of hair fall to the floor, Jeremy reached for his treat, a lollipop, a big circle of swirls with enough hardened sugar to keep him awake until dawn.

“Not yet, Jeremy, honey, you have to wait until she’s done, unless you want a hairy lollipop, one you’d have to throw away,” said his grandmother. Frowning, but understanding, Jeremy placed his hands on his knees and patted them, in a self-soothing, but impatient manner.

“Mother! What have you done?” Jeremy’s mother cried as she saw Jeremy, sans his long curls, and bearing a huge sucker, along with a red stained chin.

“Honey, don’t fret or be upset, it was time for Jeremy to have his first haircut; his hair was to his shoulders and was getting all tangled up, not to mention his being teased by the other kids in his class; it was just the right time,” Jeremy’s grandmother assured his mother.

“The thing is,” Jeremy’s mother stated, with tears streaming down her face, “I was waiting for his daddy to return home from the war, so he could be here for his first haircut, and I know, it’s been a good while, but it was my hope and, well, I know you understand, as maybe it was too much to ask…” and that was when Jeremy’s grandmother showed her the video of his first haircut and they prepared it to send to his daddy and all was well in their little world again.


This is my response to the lovely Denise’s prompt “CLIP” for the Six Sentence Story.

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28 thoughts on “The First Haircut”

  1. This touches the heart.

    Both of my boys cried at their first haircut, until i put a sucker in their mouths. At that point, they would just close their little lips around it and be blissfully quiet until it was gone. Then another sucker (the very small ones), until the cut was finished.

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    1. I’d probably shave my head for enough lollipops, as a kid. Mom was my haircutter. I had one time that I got a shop cut while growing up. Mom just worked around it, using it as a pattern. We had no funds for shop cuts. Even as an adult, I cut my own hair off and on for a long time. Then I would periodically go to the beauty school for a cut to get the foundation back. I am now sporting my own coronacut and it looks like cut #2 is going to happen soon. And I don’t have any lollipops…:(

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  2. word-jealous again!! (lol)
    the tactility* of this Six! (I repeat) ‘Damn!’**

    *hopefully a ‘real’ word in this situation, application
    ** as you know, a single word compliment of the first water

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