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Swept Away

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Swept Away

Dudley French was a mediocre salesman, working for the brush and broom company, known as Schwepp’s Brush and Broom. Not that it mattered since he was one of very few salespersons still left with the company. Thirty years of door to door selling were behind Dudley; and more and more sales were generated through the internet.

It was just the other day when Dudley was called into his boss’s office when he heard the words her would never forget.

In a volume so low, Dudley strained to hear, his boss, Sherman Schwepp, Jr. stated, “French you swept me away when you were young, but now I am giving you your final pay check, it’s time to retire.”

Dudley looked down and then up, took the broom and swept the office floor, smiled at his to be former boss, and said, “thank you for not firing me, and if you ever want to have coffee, just give me a call,” to which Schwepp nodded, his throat too full for him to speak.


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28 thoughts on “Swept Away”

  1. I vascialte between enjoying being retired and missing the challenge. I am glad I got out before the Covid mess hit. And I don’t miss the Atlanta traffic! Rush hour 24/7 Great six.

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    1. Yes, they are becoming a thing of the past. I had three uncles who did that kind of work and I am sure they would be hanging up their hats. One finally had enough and opened his own business. He spent so much time in bars during his travels, that he started noticing how torn up the seats would get. So, he started asking about how they get them fixed. Well, when he found out there was a big demand for fixing the things, he created his own technique, ran a successful business and didn’t have the same type of sales pitching to do. He still had to sell people on it, but it was a big demand. He is long gone, now. I am happy he found his niche. Thank you.


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