Raymond Burr – Actor Extraordinaire

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Raymond Burr was an excellent, award-winning actor, who I first remember as playing Perry Mason and eventually he played a detective by the name of Robert T. Ironside, who battled crime from his wheelchair in a van. The story was that he was in a wheelchair because he was paralyzed from an assassination attempt, but I digress.

While much of my exposure to Burr was via the television, he was a well-known actor in the movie industry. Starting out in a repertory theatre group from Toronto, in 1934, he moved on to New York where he gained recognition in Broadway, continuing in at least 50 feature films; With a voice for radio, he worked in broadcasting, as well.

 He played in a variety of films from horror to romance to crime, and more.  It was television of which he performed from around 1957 to 1993, leaving this world that same year.

This is my Six-Sentence Story for this week, writing to the Prompt word of “Iron”

While there is so much more to learn about Raymond Burr, I invite you to research further into his life. He is truly a fascinating person.

23 thoughts on “Raymond Burr – Actor Extraordinaire”

  1. I liked him too! He had some kind of built-in credibility, no matter his “good-guy” role–he oozed quiet, dignified strength and integrity. Handsome too 🙂


  2. I too remember watching him on ‘Perry Mason’… and in a number of different roles.
    It would be interesting to see episodes now, seeing how there’s no shortage of courtroom (and detective) dramas… just to compare how the culture (may have) changed since the ’60s

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