Frank Watson

“had sipped the moments of light”

I Write Her

Author note: These are six short poems compiled into two linked threads of three poems each, in free verse.

thin as light 

holding her
thin as light
as she looks
the other way 

there is nothing to do
as the world spins
and we lie there
in the softness of a rug 

until the final shade
had sipped the moments of light
into a soft-touch fade
within the arms of night  

midnight gardens 

in the world
beneath the moon
where secrets
shall never leave
the doors we close 

we follow the path
where the spirits play
until we see
neither wrong nor right 

unable to leave
until the morning lines
have drawn the world
once more in the mist
of breaking light


Frank Watson was born in Venice, California and now lives in New York. He enjoys literature, art, landscaping…

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