Ten Things of Thankful – June 5 2020 7th Anniversary Edition

It’s been probably over a year since I was introduced to TTOT by Wendy And it’s been on every since! Thank you to my dear friend for introducing me to the blog. It’s been 7 years since TTOT began and the current person who keeps us going is Kristi. I am thankful for this blog and the relationships I have built with other bloggers here. So, that is my #1. Thankful for this week is I am thankful for TTOT. Kristi has extended to me the honor of posting access links to the bloghop each week. Thank you, Kristi for trusting me with this and for being a true friend. #2 Thankful is for this week. Well, it’s been one of the toughest weeks on the emotions of not only the U.S. but the world. I am thankful that I can ask for all of us to take a moment of silence to honor those lost and their families and friends as there is more grief than one can imagine, yet there is so much more than grief, there are a whole gamut of emotions. As one who can usually find the words, I have struggled with this one. When the heart is stuck in the throat, it’s hard to verbalize. Let us hope and that is the best word I can think of is HOPE for healing, progress, and eternal salvation for the damages done in this world. I am reminded of the scriptures: Matthew 5:9 Even if you are not a believer in the scriptures, perhaps the words will still mean something.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

#3 Thankful for expression in Six Sentence Story. Have a read. Aching of the Soul

#4 Thankful that we can call the maintenance people for wet floors of the mysterious kind. It’s still a mystery, but it’s a mystery being solved.

#5 Thankful my family are good sports when I ask them to take pictures for this weeks blog.

#6. Thankful for getting published in Love of Food go look Living Frugal – Stretch Your Food Dollar

#7. I am editing a murder mystery with lots of chill bumping scenes.

#8 We have had some walking weather.

#9. Making card with daughter.

10. YOU! Join us this week and share your TTOT. Pull out the blanket and don your favorite hat and take a walk through Thankful City.

Photo by Анна Галашева on Pexels.com

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18 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – June 5 2020 7th Anniversary Edition”

  1. I especially love the Scripture verse–AMEN! And the peaceful photo of the boat…we must hold onto our Anchor, and trust that there will be more peaceful times ahead. Blessings to you.

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  2. I’m thankful for you! You are a great co-host and a wonderful friend!
    I, like you, have found many thoughts but few words this week on the current situation. I also hope for true peace in the world, and for everyone to feel (and be) safe.
    I hope the mystery of the wet floors gets solved soon.
    Tell your family thanks for helping with the signs!
    Congrats on being published (again!)

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    1. Thank you! They brought a plumber in with a snake camera and saw something, but before tearing out things they want to see how the rain goes today. It may have something coming from outside. Thank God we rent!


  3. Thank you Lisa. What a wonderful list of thankfuls. I also loved the scripture verse. Peacemakers – I often feel like the peacemaker . And I am a child of God, His beloved daughter.
    Love the pictures too, especially the boat.
    And I intend to check out the Living Frugal site. I’ve the majority of my married life , nearly 49 years, eeking out the money so that we could take care of our large family.

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  4. It’s a tough time at the moment, and difficult to honour then get on with normal life and the privilege of being able to, without feeling horrendous for it. I’m thankful for the moment you created for it in your post.

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  5. I, like you, found the proceedings of this week to be very hard to watch. It was a week filled with a lot of tears and prayers, so trying to think about what I might write for the TToT post was difficult, so that is why I went the path I did for my post. As it turned out, it was just what I needed, and isn’t that how it often turns out, that what is written and shared helps the writer as much or more than anyone else.
    I am so glad that you joined the TToT group. Another kindred spirit.
    Matthew 5:9 is a favorite of mine too, and in the time we are experiencing, the scriptures have been more than ever a source of comfort and peace.
    Yeah, for getting help with the mysterious wet floors. I am sure your article about ways to stretch the food dollar will be helpful to many.

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  6. I’m very thankful for the peacemakers, although I’m terrified that the ones who should be peacemakers are the ones causing further despair. During these crazy times, I’ve been so thankful for walking paths and am happy they’re opening for you (not sure where you live). Walking and biking and just being outside (even without hugs and all) has been life-saving.

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  7. I haven’t been able to walk outside in weeks, and I’m not comfortable going to the gym yet. It’s awfully early in the summer to be so stinkin’ hot!
    Can’t believe it’s been 7 years already! Except for a short hiatus, I’ve been there since the beginning, and I hope to see at least 7 more years!


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