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Sand Itches

drone footage of a beach
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“From Here to Eternity,” sighed Patsy, “that’s a classic love scene on the beach.”

“I reckon so,” replied Pete, “but don’t get any ideas.”

Frowning, Patsy scrubbed the endless sink of dishes, pondering why Pete had burst her bubble. She adored her Pete but wondered why he couldn’t be more romantic.

Coming up behind his bride, Pete wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, “Of course it’s because I love you so much. After all, you know how if you lay on the beach where the tide rolls in you’re bound to get sand in your saddle and, woo wee, that’s some itchin’!”

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24 thoughts on “Sand Itches”

  1. I think Pete made a nice save! He shows his consideration for her…and probably has an alternate romantic scene in mind that will delight her!!

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  2. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I submit, in support of the Defendant, affirming the danger of the Plaintiff’s assertion, the following*,

    *from the movie ‘Airplane!’

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  3. Romance comes in many forms and although we are deluged with romantic scenes in movies and in books, there’s nothing like the unexpected romance that comes from everyday life if we are lucky enough to spot it πŸ™‚

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