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Ten Things of Thankful – May 15 2020

scenic photo of seaside during dawn
Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

It’s TTOT time! Let’s go there, right now!

1. Who is that masked man/woman/child? It would be us! I am grateful for masks. I made some by hand and they aren’t too shabby. Daughter must have one for work and I made some of socks and then 2. the AAA guy gave one to my sweetie. Guess he didn’t love the sock (the AAA man). I need to make a couple more as daughter needs them for work and she has to alternate because of washing. 3. I am grateful she brought home fabric and notions so I could make them.

4. See the picture on this blog up there? That would be the scene of this weekend, but we are not ready to venture out. But! It is beautiful weather, so we can still go out and about with careful social distancing and masks, so YAY!!

5. 6.
This happened! I received my signed copy this week from Arlene Bice. Editor of this book of anthologies. She put her heart and soul into making this happen. Here is her blog: Purple Stone Blog. Five of my poems were published in this anthology. You can click on the pic to see more. I am grateful for Arlene.

7. SLEEP! I got some sleep this week.

adorable animal animal world cat
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

8. Cardinals and birds, in general. While working on something challenging I heard this loud chirping and looked out the window and saw this brillant red cardinal. I think he was trying to tell me to keep at it, it will work out! Thank you!

selective focus photography of red perching bird
Photo by Enrique Grisales on Pexels.com

9. ZOOM rooms and Google Hangout! This is the bestest thing for meetings! I have been able to meet with others at places I cannot get to. WOOHOO!!

internet technology computer pc
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

10. And YOU! What do you have to say today? Let’s hear from you!

white ceramic cup
Photo by Valeria Burdyka on Pexels.com
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24 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 15 2020”

  1. I wanted to sit and sew this week, but the back pain was too distracting. When I sew, I need to be able to think clearly and focus. As soon as the back settles down again, I’ll make another attempt.
    We don’t have any birds here that are all red. There are some with some red though. The cardinals are so pretty.

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  2. I made some more masks this week, too. I’ve also enjoyed watching the birds in our yard. One robin couple made a nest in our tree. Later, it got very windy and the nest blew down. Yesterday, I noticed they were rebuilding in the same spot. I hope it stays put!

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  3. Your thankful about Zoom etc. reminds me that this is a thankful for me too and I forgot to include it. I don’t use Zoom yet, but love online chat meetings in general and discovered some new ones. I am probably going to venture out into using Zoom soon.

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  4. Tell me that last photo is (from) of the Matrix… very cool

    That (first photo) would be an excellent place to be, any time of year.

    Congrats of getting your work published and out into the world!

    Have a good week.

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  5. I can see me walking the rocks in your opening photo πŸ™‚ In fact, I could often be found on such rocks on the Rhode Island shoreline in my younger days. I miss living coastal.
    Funny you mention birds. I have seen quite a lot more cardinals in my area and wonder why? I’ve noticed more birds in general since the stay at home thing began. Seems nature has enjoyed the absence of cars and people that normally crowd this area.
    Congratulations on being published!
    Good for you for getting sleep this week. I am so jealous! LOL

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  6. Congratulations on being published! Very exciting!
    I have made at least 30 masks now. I feel like we are going to be wearing them for a long, long time, so I’ll be making more, I’m sure.

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  7. I don’t sew myself. I have at least 7 cloth masks donated and bought. I can use more for styling to match what I wear :). I wear masks a lot–medical at work, then cloth before and after work outside the home. The life of a nurse.

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