Ten Things of Thankful – April 24 2020

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Happy Friday and time for TTOT!! Let’s get at it!

There are so many things to be thankful for. 1. The weather has been glorious and the pollen seems to have held back a bit so no achoos, too much. 2. Daughter has been making cards for kids who are hospitalized. She’s been a part of a card making club on Tuesdays, but with COVID-19 they are each doing cards from home and then sharing pictures. She has been coloring and creating some really beautiful cards. I will need to take some pictures to share, but if you are on Facebook you may see them. 3. Today, and I will do a separate post about it, I will be featured in The Short of It. Stay tuned! I submitted some never published poems and they accepted them, so I am honored. Here’s the information if you have something you would like to submit. Susi is awesome and a great supporter. 4. As a contributing author to this book:

I invite you to take a peek. Just click on the picture. Several people I know are in the book and I am excited to be a part of this!

5. On Saturday, the Poet’s Connection Meetup with be happening as part of Living Poetry. We met a couple of months ago but got sidetracked with the virus. So now we are on! It’s a part of Living Poetry and I am so grateful for their providing the space to promote poetry. This will be virtual, of course.

6. Last night about 20 poets got together for a virtual workshop, also as a Meetup through Living Poetry. Chris Abbate has been doing these workshops each year in honor of National Poetry Month. I have his book and it is awesome.
Here’s a video featuring Chris.

7. As you can tell, especially if you follow this blog, it is National Poetry Month and I have been providing a new prompt every day. Some days it is easier than others to come up with a prompt. It always makes my day when I see somebody has written and posted a poem is response to one of my prompts.

8. I have been busy, but it is a good kind of busy.

9. One thing that being holed up helps is to be able to focus on what tasks are at hand rather than procrastinating. I can’t say I have been doing any procrastinating. I rarely look at TV and there are several NetFlix shows I have yet to watch, but life is good. There are not enough hours in the day.

10 I am grateful for you and that you stop by and say hello. I need to catch up on my hellos and hope to do that very soon. I will start right here and hope you come online and share some hollers back!!

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17 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 24 2020”

  1. I’m always inspired by your dedication to your craft. I’ve been less motivated to write lately. Or perhaps, less focused. But I’m reading so many books and catching up on great essays in journals. So wonderful that your daughter is making cards and sharing some joy in the world. We need it!

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  2. I take note of things i am grateful for but never think to write them down which has so much more impact. Thank you for that and for mention of the Women anthology. My order won’t arrive until May 1. Ack! I’m so itching to see it! My days are full, lots of writing going on.

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  3. It’s good to be busy, and with nice weather, to boot! It rained a bit here yesterday, but is bright and sunshiney today. Congratulations on all your poetry accomplishments!

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  4. Congratulations on the anthology! Poetry is so vital to literature. You are a reminder to me that I should return to my roots and see if there’s anything there to flower 😀
    OK – jealous your pollen count is down, lol. Here in No. VA, it’s pretty high. I finally broke down and took my first Zyrtec. Gonna be downhill from there, lol.
    Have a great week, Lisa!

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  5. Congratulations on the anthology! I enjoyed watching the video too. It is always interesting to learn how people get from point A to point B.
    What a kind pursuit your daughter has in making cards for children in the hospital.

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  6. Very cool, that Number 5 Grat
    To have your work enjoyed (and appreciated) must be very satisfying.
    The weather up here is trying, not so successfully, although yesterday was warm enough to permit work in the woods.
    Have a great week ahead.

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