Love is Love

alphabets cubes letters love
Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.com

Love is Love

If you knew my thoughts
my feelings
and sighs
then why did you do nothing

You saw my tear filled orbs
as you called them
my sighs were met
with your confident grins
and yet you did not speak
those words I longed to hear

As the world is your oyster
it is also mine
shedding tears over loss
which cannot be validated
is such a waste

Instead I will use those orb filled tears
to water the garden
to then clearly see the roses
and clip the carnations
making a bouquet of the truth
that love needs not so much words
but the feelings to back up the soul

This poem was in response to my Daily Prompt

If you share your poem or link in the comments then we can see what you did!

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