Ten Things of Thankful – April 17 2020

WordItOut-word-cloud-4158489 I found this WordItOut app and it was fun to create. I plugged in the words and it created this mix which I used for a poetry prompt.

Good Morning on this second day after tax day, but who’s sweating? Since tax day has changed to July 15 this year, it’s not quite the same. My favorite accountant said that in all the years he has been a CPA he has never seen this happen. We celebrate anyway as it’s always great to celebrate moments in our lives. And create our own kind of celebrative reasons. So, that is a #1 for thankfuls this week. #2 is that there have been opportunities to help with tax season. #3 is that it is lovely springlike (if not autumn) weather and walks are possible. #4 is that daughter is back to work-being very cautious with masking and gloves-and she is happy. #5 is that this is National Poetry Month and yours truly has been able to post prompts on this blog every day and a poem to the prompt. #6 is that despite chills and acheyness and a slight cough I believe I am only affected by my own usual ailments and not the one of which I will not speak. #7 is that my friend who is visually impaired has found a treatment which is helping with dry eyes and other benefits, hoping it sticks. #8 my other friend has been feeling much better in the migraine and depression departments. #9 grocery stores have senior hours for which I qualify. #10 is YOU and while you are here, how about stopping by. And you can go to the link in the blue box and join us. You don’t have to have ten, that’s for sure and for certain.

Have a Great Week and Remember that a smile is just behind your dearest memories.

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10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – April 17 2020”

  1. It is strange that April 15th came and went without the usual tax day fanfare. I am glad that the weather is becoming more springlike, although we did have a few snowflakes fall this week, as well as hail. All in all, though, it’s looking more like spring and less like winter. I’m happy for your daughter. It’s hard to have schedules disrupted, so the fact she can get back to work must be reassuring. Hope you have a great week! Congrats on the poetry!

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  2. Great list, Lisa–praying your symptoms to resolve quickly. Currently, it’s a knee-jerk response to be anxious when we, or people we love, have cold or flu symptoms. Sometimes we’re just over-tired, or stressed to the max–and our bodies reflect it. Blessings to you–happy weekend 🙂 ❤

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  3. April 15 didnt even cross my mind this month…this must be what its like to live through a historic moment in time. Nice list. It evokes sweet feelings of spring and old friends…thank you.


  4. What a cool app and such a creative way to write your TToT this week!
    Those usual ailments can make one pause, but it is good to feel reassured that it is just the “same old stuff.”
    I’m glad your daughter is back to work and is being careful!
    Have a good week, Lisa.

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  5. There are some routines, including one that is not normally celebrated, such as April 15th, that this year lends a certain sense of normalcy. Not a bad thing.
    its good to keep in mind, that with all the incredible energy focused on the virus, they didn’t cancel spring colds and illness that, though not fun, was view as one of the less good things.
    Hoping for warmer weather in the coming weeks. We’re about a month off schedule up here.
    Have a good week.

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