If I Were a Pig

white and black short coated pig running on water
Photo by Colin Lloyd on Pexels.com

If I were a pig
I would be a pet
one who would go to the beach
one who would be fed the finest
not the slop my Uncle used
you do not want to know about that
trust me

If I were a pig
I would be coddled when I wanted
left alone for naps and chills out
have my own plush bed
have oatmeal for breakfast
and apples for dessert
whatever I want for whenever

But I am not a pig
and do not fancy being a pet
beach options are uncertain
I do not go hungry
slop is not on my menu
I have my own bed
I can take a nap
I coddle when I want
I have oatmeal for breakfast
I have apples for dessert

But with others
it may not be such a dream life
So, I ask you
if you would want to be a pig
or another animal
and would you be willing to trade
and why

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