10 Things of Thankful – June 21

It’s that time again for TTOT! Would you like to join? Go to this LINK! We’d love to have you. I know it helps me to keep an attitude of gratitude 🙂
61619 lavendar fest.JPG
Flowers at the Lavender Festival front yard of the house.

1. We went to the Lavender Festival. There were booths with crafts, beverages, foods etc and a store. Here are some pics:

2. Secret Project is almost done!

3. I received my autographed copy as one of the editors for Simplicity Beckons. It’s always nice to be a part of a project where more words of poetry are shared. I had a nice visit with the author and we are working on some more words. When one poet meets with another poet in real time, it’s a beautiful thing. I also shared my autographed copy of Heart Sounds with her.

4. Beautiful sunny days. We’ve had many in a row and I am always happy to see sunshine.

5. & 6. Maintenance. When something goes wrong, I can message the office and somebody takes care of it. And the repair crew came this week to replace baseboards and paint as a result of water damage from next door. I am grateful that the big fans are gone and it’s peaceful.

7. Blueberries – I know I expressed thanks for these beauties before, but they are still in the stores and I am grabbing them up. They are so good and good for you.

8. Weight loss is still happening up in here!

9. Test results. Someone most dear to me had a mammogram and since they had a questionable one last time, I was worried. All went splendid! YAY for the “girls.”

10. Hearing. Someone else most dear to me had to have their ears treated and I am grateful they can now hear and are on the mend.

OK That’s what I have so how about you?

16 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful – June 21”

  1. It is the time for festivals! I love hearing about the different summer celebrations. The lavender festival must smell lovely! We are celebrating Strawberry Days in my town.

    Glad you were able to easily get the water damage repaired, and that everything is back to normal now.

    Congrats on the writing, and good news on the health-front for your friends!

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  2. We have lavender fields in our area too. The festival are mid July. The scent of lavender is so intoxicating, and the purples lovely.
    The blueberries are late here this year, because the weather has been cooler than usual.
    Congratulations on the continued weight loss.
    Poets meeting in real time – 🙂

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  3. Love Lavender, having a Lavender-themed festival sounds like a very good place to be!
    I am relieved to hear that the important people in your life are doing great health wise.
    Enjoy the nice sunny days and have a wonderful week!

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  4. “So many good and positive things on your list, I was smiling and cheering! Good medical reports and successful procedures are always such a relief, weather it involves us or people we care about. I have hearing aids without which I live in a muffled world. Hearing is one o those blessings we tend to take for granted until we can’t hear. I am grateful for assistive devices and that your dear one was able to have hearing restored. Fresh blueberries… yum! I feel that way about blackberries too, though we are rarely able to find truly fresh, sweet ones in the stores here. You have me curious about your secret project and I hope to hear more about it in future posts! Blessings to you in the week ahead!”
    (Testing to see if the problem has been corrected and this will post now 🙂

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