Thoughts About Aloneness

alone autumn beautiful bloom
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Thoughts About Aloneness

We are all alone
with our

When we
find others
and share these
we may still feel alone

Not everybody views life
exactly the same way
and sometimes it can feel lonely
but it is just a part of life
it is a part of what makes us

To feel alone
is not a bad thing

To feel alone
when we need to connect
doesn’t feel so great

It’s lonely

Today’s National Poetry Day Prompt comes from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog: “For today’s prompt, write a lone poem. Perhaps the poem is about a solitary wanderer or person who just prefers to go it alone. Or a lone winner, lone wolf, or some other solo individual. Or alternatively, I’ll accept poems that are about loans or that are about being alone.”

2 thoughts on “Thoughts About Aloneness”

  1. Through my newly found surrender/ YIN yoga practice, I have been realizing and appreciating more and more that perhaps..PERHAPS…”alone” is neither “good” or “bad”…it just “is”..and its OK to “sit” with it…for a while…But then always good to move onto the next posture… 🙂

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