Ten Things of Thankful – March 20 2020

selective focus photography of pink and yellow tulips flowers
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Spring has sprung and it’s showing up big time around here! The Red Bud Trees are blooming, so beautifully. Enjoying them while we can because they don’t bloom long. Such a reminder to enjoy these moments which are ever so brief. Samesies with the Dogwoods and other blooms. We have had birds bringing nesting to the shelf on the porch, but they decided to build elsewhere. Leaving the leaves, for now, just in case. I was hoping they would stay, but trust they found better accommodations. Nature has choices too and I appreciate this, especially considering how much of nature has been comprised. We are seeing that the creatures are coming out to show us that they are important and I truly appreciate when I see this shared on the web and in plain sight. There are lots of geese in my area and I am just anxiously awaiting the arrival of the babies. It’s such a cool thing to see them marching along with protective parents. Since there is so much homeschooling going on, I see this as a teaching moment. So, I bolded the thankfuls in this paragraph and that makes 1-4 for this thankful.

5.-8. Daughter and I have been participating in Radiant You! It is a weekly, one hour webcast for creative. It’s a lot of fun and is designed to help take away the blocks for creating. Here are the pictures I did. I won’t share daughters as she is still in bed and I did not ask permission.
90114648_2895679630488842_1067564076185419776_o Day 1 – We focused on what prayerful intentions we might have and write them and then the blocks, which are represented by the triangles in mine. Many people used squares, but there are no rules. And you frame the blocks to create barriers. Each star on mine represents a prayer I made for individual concerns and general concerns, so chances are you were prayed about, as well. The lines or swirls are trip ups that could create barriers but that I trust I can overcome and even make them a part of the beauty.
90176177_2897888166934655_8556798734627766272_o Day 2 we spent working on overcoming imperfection. So many times there is that voice which says we are not good enough if we are not perfect. We created an intentional ugly page and then tore that into strips and placed on a page where you picked colors which make you happy or relaxed. So I used the purple and then created this tree or plant, whichever from my ugly piece. The bird, flower and lemon sun were just things I had on hand to add. So, basically I turned what one would call ugly into a work of art. It’s funny and fun!
90155466_2900255330031272_7611219125582430208_o Day 3 We focused on what brings energy and made a picture representing this. I chose fire and that is symbolic with the lady figure in the center. On one side was the stuff which gets in the way of energy and the other side what helps. Then I took the blue pluses to represent positive and the red to represent love. The wing like flames were to shield from the negative and I mentally merged the two sides to overcome negative with the blues and reds.
90416226_2902519826471489_9074594764858327040_o Day 4 We focused on the critic. The left side we wrote criticisms and drew a picture of a critic. On the right side you drew a picture of a representation of yourself. I decided on a vibrant look of happy. Then you wrote positives on the right side. After you painted over both sides, you wrote whatever you wanted to turn this into a piece of awareness.
Day 5 is today and I can’t wait to see what we are doing!
Here is the link to Elizabeth Foley’s website in case you want to get on her list and learn about participating in her online workshops.Elizabeth Foley’s Radiant Earth Studio

9. As I am happy for having supplies on hand for the current world situation and that others can be helped by all of us. What a way to unify the world! I choose to focus on the world around us as one need not go far to find needs. I am grateful for taxes to be extended for those who need this and that we have access to the news. I am grateful to the store workers and restaurants workers, the first responders, medical professionals, the teachers who have devoted time to help home schoolers, the delivery folks from all walks of life, and so many more than I can mention.

One more thing. There is another online workshop coming up with another person. We are signed up and perhaps you would like to join. It’s called Sketchbook Revival. Go to the link to check it out: Sketchbook Revival 2020

10. And last, but not least, I invite you to the table to share your thankfuls!

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