We grew up with a real appreciation of the benefits of water. It was the main drink at meals and between meals, as well. Granted, we had some soda use, but it was pretty much limited. In the summer we sometimes had iced tea with meals, but it was still water that was the mainstay. To this day, I can honestly say, nothing quenches my thirst like water.

When mom would go somewhere in the car, she would bring a jug of water and cups. This is something I came to appreciate and depend on. At first, I thought maybe it was not needed, but it never failed that I was asking for water from mom. Mom set the example at home by always having a glass of iced water for herself. I used to drink out of her glass and she would fuss, but I told her that her iced water was better than what I could fix. It’s a good thing she had a great sense of humor. Nowadays, it is rare that I would leave the house without water. I am grateful for my mom’s example.

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