Mama Tiger


When I was a baby, I was given a mama tiger and three cubs. My father gave them to me when I was about one year old. He had been in Germany, stationed there in the military. We had all moved there when I was one and it had been much of the prior year since our father was with us. All the years up into my teen years, the mama tiger made center stage on my bed, after it was made each morning. The cubs, over the years, got lost or destroyed from play. When hurricane Floyd hit I was worried that the tiger had been ruined. Our house was flooded and I was not sure that mama tiger was not underwater. Fortunately, I had the foresight to make certain that sentimental items were stacked up high and on shelves in the closet or on top of the bookshelves. My tiger was safe. To this day, I have mama tiger. The cubs are long gone, except one headless one, but I have this treasure. There are many things that I have lost from storms and life changes, but that mama tiger has helped me feel solid in life, no matter what.