10 Things of Thankful-January 29 2023

Happy TTOT time! Yup. That’s me as a zoombie. This is what happens when the zoom freezes.

Let’s zoom to the top ten list:

  1. It’s still early tax season when we have a whole weekend.
  2. Pleasant weather.
  3. Books and the Poetry Book Club.
  4. Nutritional guidance.
  5. Smoked salmon.
  6. Book Launch joy!
  7. A1C results rock!
  8. Blood Pressure results rock!
  9. Chair yoga.
  10. You

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10 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful-January 29 2023”

  1. Wonderful ten! And you prove that a TToT post can be accomplished quite simply and still result in a beautiful list! Love your “zoombie” photo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent listifying.
    I need to try and do one of those, been a while. (imo, writing, as you have, such a simple list while still making it engaging, is way not as easy as one would think)

    Excellent on the Grats # 6,7,8!

    Liked by 1 person

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