Facing My Inner Dragon to Discover the Emotional Heart of My Novel

Writers need to read this.

KJ Martin

Eleven months ago, I took a year off to write. I was dedicated, determined, and had declared victory over the three dragons that I believed stood between me and publishing my first novel: family support, a tight but survivable twelve-month budget, and time. A whole year’s worth of time. Little did I know then that my quest to become a children’s middle grade author would ultimately lead me to face the biggest dragon of my life. After the first seven months, I felt so confident, so sure of the path I was on. My goal was within sight. Then out of nowhere, a gigantic, camouflaged dragon appeared, and knocked me off my path into a raging river of doubt. I’ve been battling this dragon for several months. My question to my readers is this: How do I fight a dragon after I realize the dragon is me?

It’s the last…

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