Ten Things of Thankful-October 14 2022

Photo by Jerry Connally on

It’s TTOT time and although I am two days late and missed last week, I am back today, so let’s hop to it.

  1. Free photos to share. I love the one above. Doesn’t it look like donuts? Now, I bet you want some donuts!
  2. Tax season part two has today and tomorrow and then it is over with for a little while. Well…
  3. My new office space. I rearranged my whole living room so that my office space is now separated from living space. It has helped me feel better and I am closer to the window, so I can watch the birds and enjoy the trees. This may help me with screen health as it diverts my eyes whenever a bird comes to visit.
  4. A community that comes together. I am sure you have heard about the shootings in Raleigh, such a horrible tragedy. People who care swoooped in and started doing such heartfelt things for the community affected.
  5. The handshake. It still exists and may be coming back since the pandemic has somewhat been lifted.
  6. Along with handshakes are hugs. I am not a huge hugger, but I won’t turn one down.
  7. The hard copy proof of Caring for Souls should be here soon. It is supposed to ship on Monday.
  8. Daughter was able to go on a road trip with her friend and enjoy the hot air balloon festival in Statesville. She chose not to go up in a balloon, but her friend went up.
  9. As I look out the window, I see the most beautful red leaves among the green. I love it!
  10. YOU

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful-October 14 2022”

  1. I like your list – those little pumpkins do look like donuts – with icing on them.
    Your office rearrangements sound good, too.
    I am on hold for making art right now – my fifteen-year old Acrobat CCTV died, and a large new one is ordered. It would be delivered about the beginning of November, than I can be back in my studio working again.

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  2. That was a horrible tragedy. Having a community pull together in times like that helps us remember that there are still so many good people around.

    Enjoy your new office arrangement! Watching birds is enjoyable, and a good way to break up the screen time.

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  3. totally the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo above… don’t eat as many as I would have thought as a kid*, especially like the white sugar donuts.
    #8 I’m with your daughter… I won’t get on a Ferris Wheel and they’re physically attached to the ground.
    have a great week

    * I knew for a fact that when I grew up I’d eat ice cream for dinner every night and pudding for lunch…lol

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