We Grow Together

Gilly Stewart Boe on Unsplash

We Grow Together

You leaned over me, to shade me from harm
You poised your strengthened arms for true support
Hoisted, crawled up to your bough, strong with arms 
You welcomed me into your nature fort

Your girth reminds me of my own true strength
When life of wanders strengthened my own thighs
Your size reminds me of my life’s own length
How when we grow together we reach skies

Dare we plan a life, as my journal fills
To plan a destiny, filled with hope sought
Your own ancestors pulp gave me the will 
To document a life well-worn from thought

Together we are ready for our cause
You present to me ready without pause

Lisa Tomey May 9, 2022

This poem is in response to the weekly Living Poetry Prompt

4 thoughts on “We Grow Together”

  1. This is just lovely! Love the flow and the rhyming, so well done. Also noted the internal alliteration of ‘hoist’ and ‘poised’- nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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