Ten Things of Thankful – May 6 2022

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! Where did the week go? I better hurry before it’s the 13th!

  1. Grateful for progress with daughter’s PT
  2. Grateful for progress with other person’s medical successes.
  3. Grateful for planning fun things.
  4. Grateful for surviving each day a little better after my booster.
  5. Grateful for a wedding invitation from a child I have known since birth. Over the years we didn’t see each other so much due to geographical changes. It’s nice to be included.
  6. It has been lovely weather, less rainy this week.
  7. You can always count on the weather to find a way to bring cheer.
  8. Hope for those who seemed to have none.
  9. Goodness in the hearts of humankind.
  10. YOU and what do you have to share?
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12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – May 6 2022”

  1. Any progress when it comes to health concerns is a blessing.
    It sounds like your booster caused you some problems, but I am glad you are doing better.
    Being able to plan fun things definitely can lift one’s spirit, even if it knowing that someone (like me) will probably really enjoy seeing that cute little lamb!

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  2. We’re hoping some of your weather makes it up here to southern New England. We have a bright, sunny March day going on today. At least it’s not snowing.
    Have a good week.

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  3. We have finally had an entire week without rain. It’s been awhile. I’m sure we’ll be crying FOR rain in a month or two, but it’s sure nice to have warm sunshine! I still need to get my second booster. I was waiting for my 90 day immunity boost from having covid in May to wear off first, and in the meantime, I was exposed and had to quarantine!

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