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Term Limits

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Randy sat at the typewriter, pecking away, setting his sights on the clock, ticking to 4 a.m. on the due date of his term paper. He knew he should have started sooner, but he was a working student who needed the money to keep up with school costs.

The student rubbed his eyes, stood up and stretched, and grabbed one more coffee before gathering his papers and heading to the student union. Wouldn’t you know it, he thought, the copiers are all in use. Finally, he saw an opening and took his station and copied his paper. Another term paper down, Randy left to drop it off to his professor, the drop off box was filling up fast, Randy knocked on the professor’s door to let him know, only to be told by the secretary that the professor would be gone for a week long break, returning to collect the term papers to grade when he returned.


So, there you have it! My Six Sentence Story. Poor Randy was tired and I hope he was able to catch a few zzz’s before he went to work. Needless to say, the professor caught some of his own zzz’s. Would you like to share your Six Sentence Story? Go to Girlie on the Edge and submit yours.

10 thoughts on “Term Limits”

  1. That would be my luck, lol
    Brings me back to freshman year, had a psych paper due that I didn’t start until the night before. Yup an all-nighter. At least I got an “A” 😁

    Haven’t listened to Al Stewart in decades, Lisa! Memory lane.

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