Ten Things of Thankful -March 12 2022

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It’s TTOT time and as true as March can be, the lion is alive and well.

Here goes!

  1. Roaring in at first place is that despite the current brrry and blowy weather, it’s all indication of a good spring rolling in.
  2. At a slightly lesser grr is the onset of a new wave which I am gradually trying to wrap my best judgment around and that is the mask relief at our own choosing. I am grateful there are no grrs when I choose to wear my mask.
  3. Warming up, is what’s in the oven and I am grateful I can use my oven.
  4. Grating under my feet is the realization that there is still solid ground to stand on.
  5. Boots on the ground mean my own feet get to sleep in a bed. Although I would rather not hear about boots on grounds, it is a reality and I am glad I can see that.
  6. Gas is still available.
  7. Sweaters.
  8. Poetry. I was in an open mic and it was so enriching.
  9. Saved By the Bell and that daughter likes to watch it.
  10. YOU – What’s blowing around in your life?
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3 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful -March 12 2022”

  1. In like a lion, out like a lamb! And I think I may wear a mask into places like Walmart for the rest of my life!


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