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Daddy and the TV Guide

Photo by Photography Maghradze PH on Pexels.com

Daddy and the TV Guide

Daddy marked the shows we could watch in the TV Guide Magazine

A weekly treat was to see what he selected, although it was much the same

It didn’t occur to me then, as it does now, that he only selected evening shows

Otherwise, unless mother turned on the TV-rarely-we had other things to do

Chores accomplished, we would be out the door in the summer playing games outside

Rainy days meant creating ideas inside and now I know why Daddy marked TV Guide


And that’s my Six Sentence Story/Poem for this week! Join us HERE

10 thoughts on “Daddy and the TV Guide”

    1. It may be why I was never a cartoons person. I could only tolerate a few. They were more violent and racist back then. I may get into the new ones, but I haven’t tried. I did like Peanuts shows and Archie comic books.

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  1. That was actually pretty bright of your dad. We left the house as soon as we could and stayed out until it was getting dark. We played games like kick the can. Kids are not big on playing outside anymore. Sounds like we did much the same things. 🤗 hugs, Joni


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