six sentence story

Blanket Statement

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Blanket Statement

She curled up against his warmth, reaching her zen

Blanketed in her faux fur wrap, pleasures of Saturday morning

Coffee at reach, book in hand, it was a perfect day to just be

He brushed against her long, golden tresses, nuzzling for attention

Then, she heard it, the full out demand for her focus

She pattered across the cool floor to the fridge, then poured him a bowl of cream

This is my Six Sentence Story/Poem for this week. Thanks to Girlie on the Edge for the prompt word “Blanket” and for keeping the ideas coming.

6 thoughts on “Blanket Statement”

  1. 🙂

    “Coffee at reach, book in hand…”
    Nice. Simple, relaxed, gently guiding readers. Good Six, Lisa!
    Took me back, way. I had 2 felines, Madeline and Jamaal. Sunday mornings, sitting in comfy chair, journal pad in hand…Madeline draped over my writing arm (as I wrote, lol)

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