six sentence story

The Door

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The Door was locked

when I grabbed the handle and pushed with all my might/ a surge of resentment pushed into my gutt as I recalled our last conversation/you put your face to mine where I could smell your acrid breath of etoh and gall/my throat ached for a spew/I grabbed a rock and shattered the glass/what remains is for you to pick up the pieces/


There you go with this weeks installment of the Six Sentence Story. I tried something a little different. What’s life without trying something new? Here’s the LINK to go see the stories others have shared. Thanks to Denise for her faithful provision of weekly words and managing all this. You are a gem.

9 thoughts on “The Door”

  1. Gripping. Tragic. Sorrowful. So well done, Lisa. The formatting of this piece serves to emphasize the emotion; highlights the implications.

    Note: Thank you. I am so appreciative of your weekly participation in SSS; everyone’s participation. So much is offered through our writings. I love the community we are building.

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  2. Great format for this SSS. It draws the reader into the emotions of the moment with no room to escape like one might do following a period in a sentence. It is with great relief when we know she escaped and knew enough was enough.


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