Count Them: TEN Things of Thankful July 23 2021

It’s time for the BIG TEN!! TTOT!

  1. We have one answer for what is causing health issues for daughter and a treatment is in place.
  2. We had some cooling rain this week.
  3. My niece’s birthday was the 17th. My Goddaughter’s birthday was yesterday.
  4. Coffee.
  5. The pool has reopened and we have been in every night since.
  6. Reading lots of books and being enriched.
  7. A new client contract was sent.
  8. Back treatments are scheduled.
  9. I found a movie on YouTube about Jackie Gleason from the 2002 TV movie and started watching it. So far, I am finding it very interesting. I like to know the story behind some people and his is quite complex.
  10. YOU! Tell us how your week has been. I am sure that once you start pondering that you will be counting yourself in as thankful.
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9 thoughts on “Count Them: TEN Things of Thankful July 23 2021”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I always love your Ten Things of Thanks – I think I will one and put it on my blog this weekend. That is, if I get my outdoor gardening work done.

    I had a new sidewalk put in and I have a flower garden that is the entire length of it. I have to prepare the sides of this area for filling – in – which means I have man large rocks to move first.

    I hope tomorrow morning is cool and if so, I’ll be out there moving rocks. That should be something to write about!

    We talked about me doing an interview with you – last May – I think I’d be able to do one if you want to get me on your schedule. I did a presentation for a group this week and it went fine. My husband is coming along so I am not quite so stressed out and worried at the moment.

    Here’s to a great weekend for us both.

    Lynda Lambert

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  2. Getting one answer at least gives you a place to start. Hopefully the treatments will help.
    I hope the back treatments offer some relief.
    Having cooling rain come after a hot spell made me think of how happy we felt last fall when we finally had some rain to help squelch the forest fires. It was a time of rejoicing!
    The YouTube movie sounds interesting.
    I hope you have a good week ahead.

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  3. #1 is most excellent!
    Rain would be very welcome right now.
    I miss when we had a pool to go to! We belonged to a private pool a few miles away from us. Our kids grew up going, and it had financial problems and was about to close, then the tornado in 2011 did it in. Nothing much more cooling than a dip in the pool on a hot evening. Makes sleeping so much better!


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