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Sweet Daddy

Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels.com

Sweet Daddy

Daddy, I miss you and who you were

and how together we’d family surf.

You taught me to love the taste of candy

and to get chocolate stars was dandy.

A quarter at the candy store

would take me hours to spend for sure.

When days were long, and thoughts were few

that bag of candy would get me through.

Ice cream was our best shared treat

and you would buy it for the kids on our street.

They’d gather ‘round for ice cream cones

and with you as their surrogate, they felt at home.

There you have it! That is my Six Sentence Story to the prompt word “quarter.”

You can join in at Girlie on the Edge HERE

10 thoughts on “Sweet Daddy”

  1. Its very interesting how many of us (at least those of us in the ranks of the hypo-youthful) are being sent back to our childhoods by this week’s prompt.
    I quarter was the price of a ticket to the Saturday matinee (and, of course, that meant two movie and coming attractions)
    Good Six

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