Ten Things of Thankful – May 21 2021

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Good Morning! Happy TTOT! Let’s hop to it!

  1. I am going to get to go to the Creative Writing Summer Camp. Perhaps you would like to go, too.

2. Tax season is over.

3. Kay Doiron, my cover artist and great niece finished the book cover art for my next personal book of poetry. This was just in time for the upcoming birth of her baby, to be determined by God’s own plan. I am so thankful when Kay does the art work. She always “gets” what I am looking for.

4. We had a nice turnout for the Book Launch party. I did not record it, but we had a great time.

That’s the book:

5. It’s been a different kind of week in that I am doing more art than usual. That is always a positive.

6. Daughter is going to PT and comes home sore, so it must be doing some good.

7. Did you know that when you ask for a blessing, you open a window and it may take a whole door to take in all the goodness. Yeah…I have to remember that. And I am grateful to have to open my door.

8. I had a first meeting with an awesome coach and now I have an idea to develop. It’s like it’s always been there and I have done some things about it, but I am gaining clarity. I started by writing something and submitting it and it was accepted. I have another writing project to work on along the same lines. #7 is the result of seek and you will find.

9. The pool is supposed to open next week and the temps are going up, so maybe, just maybe MarPril is moving on and allowing PrilAyUne to come along.

10. Welcome to the path where you can lead the way. You are never alone when you share with others. What are you thankful for? The kitty wants to know.

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