Lovely New York Night – A Word Cloud

Jamie walked alone

on the Manhattan sidewalk

she made her morning trip

to the subway

last night, under the moon

where shadows allowed

lovers to steal kisses

in the distance

guitar music played

the musician was expecting

a bountiful night

strumming under a dogwood


written on a slate

what a sweet adventure last night

while working the acrylics

with a palette knife

Jamie noticed him

he watched as she

scraped paint on canvas

his voice, meek as a lamb

he offered to buy her coffee

she told him “no, thank you”

he left on his bicycle

returned with tulips

she shared her spinach, avocado wrap

while observing dancing cardinals

they chuckled, observing a drunken bee

attempt to check the flowers

in the excitement

he asked her for a date

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

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