Ten Things of Thankful – March 26 2021

Pastel by Lisa Tomey

It’s TTOT time, so let’s hop to it!

  1. Groceries. I was reading about people going to the store and finding empty shelves. I am grateful I don’t encounter this at the store. And I pray that folks soon have loaded shelves, again.
  2. Palm Sunday where I remember a story of looking at the palm of your hand and counting each finger with a statement of what you are grateful for.
  3. Books. I received a book today which was written by a long time ago friend, who may not even remember me, but it is a book called “Let Him Lead You” and I think it sounds like a good one to read.
  4. As so much of what I do is in the book world, I am grateful that I can sometimes listen to books so my eyes can rest. Now, if I could figure out how to make it more than 15 minutes into the book before I fall asleep. I wake up to a notification saying that I have finished the book and please review. I have to go back to where I last remember hearing the book. I can’t tell you how many times I have repeating fake finished a book. Bonus is that it helps with insomnia, so that’s another thankful.
  5. what I said up there in #4
  6. Easter cards suddenly were needed and I found a site where I found a nice picture to use and daughter has them ready to mail. Thankful for free pics and a daughter who is willing to create the pretties.
  7. Sometimes my world seems small, then I see that there are almost 50 people who have contributed to the anthology and I realize how big my world spans. I am grateful for the reach of this world, largely made possible with the internet.
  8. I just sent that there anthology to the last step, so it should be ready very soon. YAY!
  9. Daughter has a good friend who is sincere. That is a great big thankful!
  10. YOU! What have you found in this week of thankfuls? Jackie is all ears!
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12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – March 26 2021”

  1. It took a pandemic for us all to learn what “supply chain” means and what happens when even one link is broken! Congrats on the anthology progress!

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