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Poet Talk with James Anthony Ellis

Writer Talk with Steve Fox Prolific Pulse Press Podcast

https://stevefoxwrites.com/I met with Steve Fox to talk about his excellent short story collection "Sometimes Creek." Watch and Listen to this amazing writer. You can find his book on his website or on online stores. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lisa-tomey/message
  1. Writer Talk with Steve Fox
  2. Poet Talk with David Romanda
  3. Rebecca N. Herz talks about her book "Homecoming"
  4. Book Launch for Richard Fireman's debut poetry book: "Constellations"
  5. Poet Talk with Richard Fireman

2 thoughts on “Poet Talk with James Anthony Ellis”

  1. Thank you Lisa for the Pod-cast… I enjoyed todays interesting interview with James… and I had to smile to myself, as I was sitting at my desk, and writing in ‘pencil'(as I prefer to do), and drinking a soda through a ‘straw’, and then James starts to recite his poem “Pencil and Straws”

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