six sentence story

One Foot Forward

Photo by Srinivas Reddy on Unsplash

One Foot Forward

Caught up with worry

Noticing no sun beaming

He stubbed his big toe

Screaming, stopping, sitting still

He recognized this one thing

He still had his feet

You can share, as well, your Six Sentence Story right HERE Denise is so wonderful to give us a weekly word each Sunday. This weeks word was BEAM.

20 thoughts on “One Foot Forward”

  1. Excellent… witty and zen-like*
    ‘soul of wit’, yo, ‘soul of wit’

    *wanted to reference haiku but don’t have the poetry chops to know if that would apply (if even in ‘feel’)

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  2. Such a nice reminder. In certain circumstances one feeling pain is just the instigator one needs to seek help. In other situations, such as the one in your SSS, it is a great realization that things could have been worse and feeling gratitude that they weren’t.


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