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Love’s Rhapsody & Cries of a Society are FREE on Kindle until 11:59 p.m. PT 11/25/2020

Click on the below books to go to the respective pages and get your copy!

Happy Thankfulness for being a part of making this book happen.

From the book information: “Step in to the world of LaLa as he speaks of society from his poet mind’s eye. Analytical, yet down to the basics of understanding the human condition in a society which is sometimes daunting. Yet, LaLa sees awareness as the path to understanding, leading to peaceful living. It is such hope that brings forth the consideration of change. That first step is within before it can ever be of the world. Let’s read these words and inspire each of our own ways of thinking toward a common ground. LaLa puts down the hate as he picks up the pen.”

From the author’s statement: “Love’s Rhapsody, my compilation of poetry dedicated to the nature of love. Sit back with some soft music and let the words embrace you with the soul stirring of the feelings of love’s rhapsody. I have been writing poetry for many years and how can one write without including love in their theme? Whether it be poetry about love in general, family, life, social concerns, it all has some element of love. There’s love of life, love of one another, love of God, love of a better world and so on.”

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