Ten Things of Thankful – October 9 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! I could not resist posting those sweet treats! If they were in front of me I would nom nom nom…

Things I am Thankful for from this week:

  1. Our dear family member was moved successfully to another residence.
  2. Daughter is working hard on her masks and we are all benefitting as well as sending some to grandma and uncle.
  3. Mailing labels. We get them because of donations, but I made some for our dear family member who moved.
  4. A close friend had a successful procedure.
  5. Writing sprints are helping me stay on task. Shut Up and Write has bunches.
  6. Completion of publishing a paperback and e-book for a client.
  7. Podcast is going well and more interviews scheduled.
  8. Getting to read the beautiful words of so many talented people.
  9. The right to choose what I want to watch in this world and what I can choose to tune out.
  10. YOU! What say you? What is just one thing you are thankful for? Want to join? Just go to the link and jump in!
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10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – October 9 2020”

  1. I am glad the family member’s move went well. Depending on the age and circumstances, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do.
    I like the idea of writing sprints to keep one on task. 🙂
    Yes! #9

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