Somewhere over the Rainbow. It’s a 6.

Denise went above and beyond and-YES-listen to the music, please.

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Staring out and through the lens of a clear window pane, what confirmation have we that what we see is a reflection of the present and not the past mocking us… 


I’d spent the entire day beginning 8:00 am searching the Greenwich Village area of the city, straight up 8th Ave to W 14th street; and wandering further, the immediate streets surrounding the Flatiron Building.

Pipe smoke gray sky served as blank pallet for seasonal storm clouds and had spread like a child’s finger painting, I didn’t like that they looked as if they’d come to stay; all the while questions riddled my brain silly – was I fooling myself.. was this an insane idea, a misguided attempt at self redemption.. who was I really trying to save?

The kid was a 30 year old adult who, in all probability, wouldn’t consider talking to me let alone accepting “life…

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