Not Just Another Karen!

We could all use a good laugh and Karen delivers! Thanks to Midlife Margaritas for a great interview and introducing us to Karen.

Karen Mills

If we are going to name more essential employees, I think we need to add comedians to the list. We need humor now more than ever. Did you know that lots of comedians are out of work? They can’t do clubs right now and if you watched the late night talk shows with no audiences, you know that’s not funny either.

So I am trying to get the word out about the best comedians out there. This week I have the funniest phone conversation with popular comedian Karen Mills. She’s not just another Karen either.

We had an 11 am phone interview set up and a little after 11 she called and said she was sorry for being a little late but she swore she thought I was calling her then realized she was supposed to call me. We laughed because you know that is reality now days!…

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