The Boss – Part 1

Susi is on another five day story run! Check it out!

I Write Her

Jason Scarsdale entered the room, sucking the air right out of it, his employees holding onto their last breath until he passed. They never knew what to expect when he arrived – perhaps in a good mood, but usually in an over-the-top sour one. Jason would bark out orders as he commandeered the space of the walkways going towards his office. It felt a bit like experiencing a re-creation of the movie“The Devil Wears Prada.”However, the company wasn’t a fashion magazine rather a lucrative automotive business catering to the rich and famous. The owner of this venture had the same personality as Miranda Priestly – everyone must toe the line, doing everything only one way, aloof but demanding, snobbish, very arrogant, and demeaning towards the employees – only in a male version.

He resembled Stephen Fry, who, in real life, comes off as a funny, gregarious, charismatic…

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