I Saw This Cat

yawning cat
Photo by Serena Koi on Pexels.com

I Saw This Cat

Going over hills
softly pressing forward
not to disturb
but to observe

Creeping ever so easily
was this cat
not the kind
who licks tuna
from a silver dish

Striped in majestic tones
a king of the jungle
opening his mouth
showing large shiny teeth
and yawning

Gasping to myself
swallowing my spit
softly padding to the bridge
I ease my way out

I am just six years old
and the jungle
is the back yard
of the military base
where I am safely tucked away

No matter what one might think
going gently into the unknown
is truly the wisest thing
when there are feral cats
prowling in the light of day

Today I am combining my prompt:Gentle Speaking and the one from:
Six Sentence Story

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